Tips for pearl cotton

2019-12-05 11:32:20

Today I will teach everyone to analyze some of the professional knowledge of pearl cotton . The following is a brief introduction to everyone by the Shenzhen Pearl Cotton Net.

High-pressure polyethylene foam is a non-chemical non-chemical cross-linked membrane capsule structure, also known as EPE pearl cotton, which is a new environmental protection packaging product. It consists of thousands of individual vapor bubbles created by high-pressure polyethylene grease through physical foaming.

         Features of pearl cotton: it has many advantages such as water resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, thermal insulation, good ductility, strong ductility, remodeling of the circulatory system, environmental protection, good impact resistance, etc., and very good organic resistance Chemical properties.

EPE is widely used in high-end electronic and electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment, computers, speakers, medical machinery, industrial control cases, hardware lighting, artwork, laminated glass, porcelain, household appliances, spray paint, furniture, wine, and epoxy resin Gift box packaging, hardware products, toys, fruits and vegetables, leather shoes packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging.

         EPE cotton classification: General EPE, wax-free EPE, extra-flat EPE, data encryption EPE, data encryption hard EPE, antistatic EPE, PO-coated EPE, PE-PE EPE, Aluminum platinum pearl cotton, color-coated film caters to pearl cotton, pearl cotton, PS board (true pearl board), fire safety pearl cotton, pearl cotton railway bridge.

         Pearl cotton profiled materials: tube, rod, L-shaped, U-shaped and various profiled materials, pearl cotton components.


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