Green pearl cotton is the first choice for packaging.

Green pearl cotton is the first choice for packaging.

2019-12-05 11:42:04

The editor of Dongguan Pearl Cotton said. Green packaging pearl cotton environmental protection has become a new trend in the packaging manufacturing industry

Green-colored packaging is the development trend of all packaging industrial production. Pearl cotton packaging is also a must-do rule because of its universal application. Dairy packaging continues to develop in the direction of "4R + 1D", namely low consumption, low total, Recycling and biodegradable orientation. The ecologicalization of dairy product packaging should be reflected in the multi-faceted ecological process. From raw material manufacturing to comprehensive utilization, each stage must be environmentally friendly, energy saving, material saving, high efficiency, and harmless.

The first is the application of green materials. Polylactic acid, as a completely degradable material, has been made into container-packed dairy products in some capitalist countries. Ecolean packaging is a more environmentally friendly packaging because the epoxy resin has very little water content. The use of new glass bottles is also increasing. Use PET material instead of PS material to make cups, cover film and logo use paper products.

Second, the package design scheme is precise, which does not cause too many package design schemes. The thickness of the utensils is uniformized and thinned. The large space packaging barrel design scheme has relatively reduced the amount of material used.

Third, the flexographic packaging printing method is used in the processing process, and offset printing ink is used to remove the environmental pollution of organic chemicals and organic solvents.

The fourth is the comprehensive utilization of packaging materials. For the aseptic test brick packaging with poor thermal insulation, three acquisition technologies have been developed and designed:

1) Hydropower repulping technology, extracting Tetra Pak paper paddles to produce recycled paper, and extruding the aluminum platinum and plastic components into gelatinous materials, and turning them into raw materials of plastic metal aluminum;

2) Plastic-wood flooring technology. Tetra Pak comes with high-quality paper-based chemical fibers and plastics. They are ground and extruded. Pearl cotton can be immediately produced into indoor soft outfits, outdoor gardening flower equipment, and industrial production trailers. Pan and other plastic wood flooring products; 3) Caile board technology, the Tetra Pak package is immediately broken, pressed and resolved to make Caile board, and then produced and processed into leather suitcases and other beautiful and elegant and durable goods.


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